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AApM International Commission - Board Consumer Warning about Fake IAPM offshore Certificates from sold by IApM or iapm along with Phishing Activities. Beware the FAKE or stolen websites of, aapmglobal or (Summer 2009)

Warning - Counterfeit Certificates by iafm/iapm in Hong Kong. IAFM/IAPM CAUGHT RED HANDED selling counterfeit diplomas/certifices in to innocent victims & Hong Kong Students. Click To See the FAKE Steve Wylie and Brett King were busted in a Sting Operation in Hong Kong.

The IAPM has already been reported the the FBI in the United States for Fraud, Phishing and Cybercrime. As such, Homeland Security and other agencies are constantly looking out for offshore scams. The Federal Government and the Department of Labor and FINRA in the USA have all been advised by our legal offices about the fraud and crimes by IAFM International Academy of Financial Management and the IAPM International Academy of Project Management which are run from Asia by Steve Wylie and Brett King

For over a Decade the AApM & CeC USA International Board of Standards has protected its Intellectual Property and sheltered our global members from offshore Fraud. * AAPM only issues Board Certification from the USA and does not issue cheap "offshore training certificates"

This fake IApM training organization is merely a few weeks old and is selling diplomas and certificates to innocent victims while claiming authority and recognition from our reputable US Body. Anyone who has a FAKE IAPM certificate should notify the authorities immediately about this crime against innocent victims.

International Academy of Project Management MIPM

As a benefit to the industry, the AApM provides this Consumer Warning about Fake IAFM certificates from Asia and Africa. Global Members are again reminded that they may be approached by people claiming to represent a shell company called the IApM (International Academy of project Management) which is a phony knock off group of australian x-pats seeking to steal money for your membership renewal. Do not be tricked into sending money to this unregistered & Fake shell company that is solely owned by a former disgruntled associate who was terminated after being caught and disciplined in breach of various rules and policies.

100% % of AAPM International members hold real authentic US certification and the AApM Board has repeatedly voted against allowing any offshore training group from issuing any diplomas or certificates. The Fake IAFM offshore group is a “one man show’ and money is siphoned and spent by one person on himself while providing zero services.

On the other hand the AAPM Certification Board and Accreditation Council is a well established US based company that has been 100% transparent and consistent for over a decade about requirements and policies as disclosed to the governments. The AApM is disclosed and registered in the United Nations Registry, the Dept of Education Registry, the New York Times Cert. Registry and many more.

The AApM USA, much like any other reputable organization such as PMI, CFP, CFA etc. requires college education and other graduate certification criteria and does not offer 3 day training quickie/certificate courses. Worthless offshore diplomas, degrees, and any other counterfeited materials from IAPM/IAFM should be reported to the authorities.

For over 10 years, The Board had made public the 6 graduate certification requirements. The AApM Certifying Board and AApM Accreditation Commission maintain the most strict requirements of any graduate organization and AApM is the first to approve law school certification courses and over 500 double accredited business schools.

The esteemed AApM, just like CFA, CFP and PMI, has over 100 registered and accredited and approved training providers with real government recognition. Thus, there is no reason for AApM to be involved in sub-standard courses or education. The AApM also still maintains its global agreements with the AABFS, IIFM Institute, IMA and others along with major alliances with the government recognized Indian Institute and Arab Academy along with the Asia/China Council.

The AApM USA International Board of Standards , over the years, has gained membership with US professional bodies such as the AACSB, ACBSP, NSBE, ISBE, AABFS, American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the National Organization for Competency Assurance (NOCA) In contrast, the IAFM is banned by the from the USA under law and contract as an illegitimate group.

Global AApM Educational Alliances and Partners do not recognize the offshore training group and the FAKE/IAPM has ZERO recognition from: AAFM, RSOF, TJSL, CEC, AAPM, AABFS, IIFM, IBA, IMA, EGADE, ITESM, AApMLA, BSII, AACSB, IMA, UN, DOE, ACBSP USA, or others.

For over 10 years, that AApM board has never seen such a hostile form of theft, fraud, IP Offenses, and misrepresentation. This is why we again warn you against the IAFM/IAPM and their Phony activities which have only begun and started in the summer of 2009. The IAPM/IAFM website and company history is a complete sham and fraud, and the AApM repudiates any relationship with these hackers and phishers.

Feel free to contact us if you have inadvertently sent funds to the FAKE offshore iApM and IAFM Africa or maybe now in Cambodia? and we will attempt to assist you in obtaining a refund from this fraudulent IAFM organization or reporting fraud to the proper authorities.

Warning - Counterfeit Certificates by iafm/iapm in Hong Kong. IAFM/IAPM CAUGHT RED HANDED selling counterfeit diplomas/certifices in to innocent victims & Hong Kong Students. Click To See the FAKE

Sincerely, AAPM Board of Standards Worldwide - AAPM ©

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